Thursday Football

It is with a heavy heart that I report to you WCM FC suffered a crushing defeat tonight losing to Monteney 8-2.

As the sun parted and we had a welcomed hiatus from this awful rain, Thursday football was back in full swing.  We had some changes to our usual team, with Ashton moving into the strikers position and young Alfie and Connor making their first team debuts we went into the game feeling positive.
WCM strong but not quite strong enough and despite playing well as a team we lost 8-2.
Lots of work to be done in training next week. We build and we learn. Onwards and up.

A Message from the WCM FC Manager

With the season rapidly coming to a close and only a few cup games and friendlies left to tie up, we decided to use this Thursday to have an after school training session.
With the first team regulars present, we took this opportunity to open up selection to Y5 and Y4 so we could scout out some new recruits.
WCM FC are establishing a new and exciting ‘football philosophy’   called  Tiki-taka  or El Rondo. Essentially, it is a Spanish style of play characterised by short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels and maintaining possession.
Steve and I were rather apprehensive about how the boys would take it, but we were thrilled to see they absolutely loved it. Especially the El Rondo drill (piggy in the middle but with feet).
It was hard work at times tonight. We have to really change the mindset of the players. However, it was really great to see the lads having some really good discussions about it tonight. The goalkeepers found it a big difference. Normally, a goal keeper will work the ball as far across the pitch as possible, yet in Tiki-taka the keeper passess out short to defenders. Really interesting and different learning all round.
We had some brilliant performances from the young recruits tonight, well done to all!

Dance Competition

Last week, our hand-picked dance crew travelled to their final competition at the Octagon Studios. They performed their routine, taught by Jack from Dance Daze, to a mix of Stormzy’s ‘Blinded by your grace’. They were so fantastic and worked really well together as a team – they even made Mrs Dwyer cry happy tears! The confident crew then even performed in assembly on Friday and they really were as good as reported. Well done all!25.04.19 Dance Competition

Summer Term PE Across School


In F1 we are learning a dance to the music ‘The Ugly Bug Ball’ that we will perform as our big finish to parents. We are also preparing for sports day, practising hurdles, relay races and the javelin.


In F2 we have been developing our control and coordination skills using hockey sticks. We are also learning lots of new parachute games. We are getting ready for sports day too and will be developing our skills with the javelin.

Year 1

In PE we are doing Street Dance fused with cheer leading with Jack. we are practicing circuits  in our other session in preparation for sports day.

Year 2

In Y2 we have a gymnastic focus for indoor PE this term and are practising how to hold different balances on different body parts on and off the apparatus! Bigger body parts are easier we have found so far!!

For outdoor PE are are using the running track and sandpit to get ready for sports day. After sports day we will be learning how to play ultimate frisbee.

Year 3

In PE we are working towards a dance performance to a song from the Lion King. We are putting together the dance to show to parents for our fab finish. In outdoor PE we are working on our batting and aiming skills in Tennis.

Year 4

We are working on our athletics skills in PE this term, ready for Sports Day! We will be practising running, jumping, throwing and skipping with the aim of improving our fitness and agility. We are also continuing our swimming lessons every Tuesday until July – the children have just had their mid-point reviews and we have been amazed by the progress they have made!

Year 5

Year Five are currently practising their athletics skills in outdoor PE. So far we have covered sprint starts and used these to move into the skills of relay. We very much enjoyed passing the baton on and ‘planting it’ into the hand of our awaiting partner. These skills will certainly come in handy when it is time for the Y5/6 sports day! We are revisiting gymnastics during our indoor sessions, with a focus of ‘flight’. This involves applying our gymnast behaviours (tight tummies, shoulders back etc.) to a range of new jumps. The aim is to keep our bodies in the air as long as we can, whilst finishing with our arms by our ears and pointed fingers and toes. Soon we will be applying all the floor work we have learnt by travelling and jumping from the apparatus!

Year 6

In PE, during summer term, we have had a mixed focus. We have moved outdoors!! On Mondays, we have focused on our striking and fielding skills; our way in has been through the game of rounders. The children have enjoyed working on skills and then putting them in to practise with competitive games. On Tuesdays, we have just started to focus on our athletic skills. So far we have looked at how to ‘best’ start a sprint race; how to exchange a relay batten and our long jump skills. The children are eager to improve and have given 100% in every sessions.

Cross Country Personal Bests.

Connie Whitham 3
Alexis Law 94
Maddison Roome 65
Isabelle Deverill 30
Grace Deverill 31
Chloe Harrison 108
Alfie Law 149
Kyle Atkinson 18
Kaden Atkinson 34
Noah Bibby 104
Rayyan Ali 133
Jamie Wood 48
Archie Deverill 140
Joseph Damms 77
Dawid Chutek 156
Cole Anderson 174
Rudie Dixon 130
Shane Wilson 108
Mckenzie Darcy 77
Maddison Atkinson 20
Shifa Jalal Ismail 136
Lucas D’Arcy 125
Regan D’Arcy 166
Charlie Robinson 116

Training in the sunshine!

What a beautiful sunny afternoon we had for cross country training yesterday. The team did some excellent drills on hill running, improving stamina and sprinting which is always better to do when the sun is shining!

We have the ‘championship’ race on Saturday at Graves Park and have a strong team of 16 runners signed up so far. Good luck!

CC in the sun

When the Y6 Basketball team became famous!

On Friday evening we played a Basketball match at half time of the Sheffield Sharks and Leicester Riders game. The basketball tournament was an experience of a life time! Playing in front of over 500 people as well as being on TV was amazing! We the basketball team (who were Rihanna, Laci, Kameron, Thomas M, Vinnie and Jasmine) had an amazing time. A big thank you to Miss Dyson and Joel who made this life changing experience possible!IMG_5072.JPG

Y5 Play Leaders


The Y5 play leaders are out daily 12.45-13.15 to coordinate play and sport related activities for children who want some structured time at lunch times. Look out for them on the top MUGA or top yard and join in with the fun!

Cross Country Results

WOW what an amazing sunny but cold Saturday morning at Brunswick Cross Country. Every single person gave 100% and 8 children in the team managed to get new personal bests and Connie Whitham who managed to maintain her seasons 3rd place. A special well done to our new runners in year 3 Chloe Harrison and Dawid Chutek who raced for the first time after challenging themselves to compete after some fabulous training sessions.

The next race is on Saturday 2nd March at Concord Park. All information about cross country can be found on the Sheffield Federation of School Sport website-



All Stars Cricket

The Y2’s had an exciting PE lesson this week with a visitor from the ECB. Johnny came with a huge bag of cricket equipment and the Y2’s joined in with lots of challenges based upon ball skills and personal challenge. Miss Dyson is now looking at setting up an ‘All Stars Cricket Hub Club’ here at Watercliffe Meadow.